Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm not even going to mention the time that has passed between my last blog entry and this one. If I'm going to do any explaining, it will take me the entire post. Let's just say life has happened and it's a good thing! We live, we love and we continue on day after day. I think the last time I posted was right after we moved back to Tahoe and Zoie was about to turn, or had just turned 1.  Now we're fast approaching Zoie's third birthday, that's right THIRD birthday and we've happily celebrated our second full summer back in the basin. So many exciting things have changed and developed with you two girls since the last time I posted, but I just can't give up the blog, I really would like to continue it for years and years until you graduate high school and move out of the house.

In keeping with my theme, I'll go ahead and write five things about each of you that I would love to never ever forget. In doing so, I may or may not cover more than five things.... we'll see how much time you give me to sit and type on the couch.

Harper, you are such a beautiful and feisty four year old! Your sassy personality is definitely taking a forefront, but we know it's just the beginning of a strong and courageous young lady. You are loquacious, and often times are just talking to hear yourself talk. You love to sing to yourself and to Zoie and I often catch you at 6:30 in the morning singing in your bed. When you are too quiet for too long I know you're up to mischief and usually are just found talking to yourself, reading to yourself, or talking to Zoie. You make up the craziest names for your dolls & imaginary characters and we have no idea where you come up with such weird combinations. For Hanukkah last year we got you girls a fish and you named it Ulkin. You have dolls named Yoocy, and are constantly engaging in imaginary play with Zoie and calling her a character named Jenda. It's pretty hilarious the names you've come up with - I wish I would've kept better track of them so far. You are starting your second year of preschool with me at Incline Village Nursery School and I'm scared to death of the next 12 months passing because at the end of it you'll be starting Kindergarten. I can't believe we're in our last year of preschool already. You're starting AYSO soccer in a few weeks and it will be your first team opportunity. I'm sure the practices and games will be hilarious for us spectators, and I know that you will absolutely love being able to play a game with other 4 year olds. You are such a great playmate to Zoie and I know that you will be a great friend to your peers as well. I just have to mention in here randomly that I love the way you say the word "scissors" - it comes out as "zizzors" and I love it. You still say your "l's funny and they come out as "y's", but it's so cute. Let's see.....your curly hair is finally getting longer and you've been telling me that you want everyone to notice your "cute curls". As much as I am happy about you priding yourself in your beautiful self, I don't want you learning at such a young age that people like you more based on your appearance. We have been talking a lot about how people like you because you have nice manners and are good at sharing toys, not just because you have cute curly hair. I am so afraid of raising two girls! It's going to such a ride.
We were so proud of you on your fourth birthday! Here's a pic of you and Zoie at the Sacramento Zoo. We asked you if you wanted to have a party at our house, or if you wanted to go to the zoo and Fairytale Town (a very cool old park in Sacramento that I used to play at when I was a kid). You thought for only a minute and decided that a family trip to the zoo and cool new park would be the BEST idea ever! We had a great weekend and many of our friends from the valley came to join us. Shavaun & her mom & Jillian, Aiden & Audrey, and Jason & Kim and Penny, Juan and Carola with Scarlett, Savannah & Juliet, Grammie & Grampa came down too, and Nora, Lindsey, John, Jamie and Avery & Hudson came too. It was SO much fun visiting with everyone and you just had a blast. I'm so proud of you for choosing a fun adventure over a plain ole' birthday party, and I hope we created some memories that you can keep for a long, long time. 

At the end of May your uncle Ben married auntie Kori and you and your sister got to be the official flower girls in the wedding. You did such a great job trotting down the aisle on your stick horse, and you were just glowing with happy energy for the whole weekend. You had a great time playing and dancing with Dexter and all of our family members and friends. Such a beautiful little flower girl you were! 
 Harper and Grammie
 The wedding party.
 Signing her name on the guest surfboard at the wedding. 

 Harper and Monie! 
And it's Zoie's turn! Oh Zoie - five things about you? I could name about 500....but you are an astounding little creature, what can I say.  We'll start with your language. You FINALLY started talking this year, and you certainly held out until the last possible day. When you turned 2 you started babbling a lot more, but were still only saying "mama" and "dada". I was starting to get concerned, and we were considering some evaluations. You just needed to be reminded over and over again that we couldn't understand you when you were screaming, and we couldn't help you if you wouldn't tell us what was wrong. You were a cranky baby (and are still a pretty ornery kid), but talking was going to get you what you needed. You eventually decided to try it out, and now 10 months later are pretty close to speaking fluently. You have all kinds of impeding sounds and lisps, but your family members can understand you (for the most part). I have a feeling that a little speech therapy may be in line a few years down the road, but for now we're just happy that you've chosen to communicate with us rather than continue with all the screaming. We still have to constantly remind you to use your words, but you do have some hilarious things to say when you do choose to speak.  About 6 months ago you decided that it was time to potty train yourself. Talking, no - but potty training, sure! You told us that you were ready to go like a big girl and you just started going. We had to do a little chocolate chip bribery when it came to the pooping part, but for the most part it was incredibly easy to get you potty trained. Your teachers at daycare were shocked at how quickly it happened. We are all so proud of you for continuing to be the headstrong little bull that you are. If we just let you decide when to act, you are so much more successful at everything. I can already tell that this trait is going to really get you places in life. I wish I was that stubborn! Let's see, what else. You are learning how to ride Harper's old balance bike and are quite the little daredevil. You love to pick up your feet and just cruise down a hill. You get all wobbly and you look every direction except in front of you, but somehow you've learned how to ride that little bike without having any major crashes yet. You are also quite the little fish this summer. You absolutely LOVE the water and each and every time we're at the lake I have to be prepared to go running in after you. I have already chased you in while fully clothed a number of times and it's always because you run far enough into the water to lose your footing and you go under and then happily stay down there. We did a few weeks of private swim lessons with aunt Nora this summer and you've gained so much confidence it's almost scary. It doesn't matter if it's dark out and 8:00 at night, you will still jump into the lake for a swim. And finally, I think I'll wrap it up with being the flower girl for uncle Ben & auntie Kori's wedding as well. You were such a little trooper, despite having skipped a nap and you ambled down the aisle behind Dexter & Harper with your eyes wide and your feet moving about an inch a minute. You had a lollipop that we gave you to keep you from crying and you were just the cutest little bug walking down through the barn with your lollipop, your stick horse, and flowers in your curly blonde hair. You also had a great time playing with family members and friends and wooed the hearts and eyes of many. Your blonde hair is so striking against all of your dark haired family members, and your little curls are so tight I think it will be another few years before they start to grow more. I actually think that your hair is going to be curlier than your sister's.  We love you so much little ZoZilla, and despite grammie having to hem your underwear so they'll stay around your waist, we know that someday you're going to grow into a powerful and hilarious young lady. 
 Zoie and Aunt Lori

You LOVE taking selfies on our iPhones. You actually capture some great shots of yourself!
Dress-up time - everyone's favorite! 

Kite flying at Moon Dunes with Seth & Julia. Zoie absolutely adored this! 

Smile girls - your mama loves you......even though I haven't written for you in .....ahem......almost 2 years.......

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