Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harper turned 2! Woo hoo!

I haven't updated in a few weeks, so sorry folks. We were super busy preparing for Harper to turn 2 years old! I hand made all of the invitations and decorations for her party so I have been a busy crafty mama.

Harper, I cannot believe that two years have gone by since the day you were born. I remember you coming into the world early in the morning (6:52am to be precise) so tiny and fragile. Now you are a rough & tumble 25 pound "big" girl, and you even tell me "uchgh, so heaby" when you give me a hug now (repeating what I would say, Ugh, you're getting so heavy!). It's the cutest thing, the way that you imitate my sarcasm almost to a tee. We celebrated on your actual birthday (which was a Monday) by me asking you all day what you wanted to do or eat, and you responding with "watch Elmo?" and "goldfish!". Then daddy stopped and picked up three yummy gourmet cupcakes at the market on the way home and we put in two candles and sang to you after dinner. You had no idea what to do with the candles, and daddy ended up blowing them out for you. You also didn't care one bit about the cupcake - you just picked the rainbow colored sprinkles off the top of the frosting and then called it off - screaming "I want to take a BAFF!!" (bath) We had a small party for you this past weekend on Saturday and a few of your little kid friends came over, the rest were adults & a few of your old teachers from school. You had a BLAST.  We even practiced blowing out birthday candles the day prior, so at your party it was a complete success! You loved opening presents and playing with the balloons that daddy brought home. We had a great little 2nd birthday party, and I hope that when you're older, you'll have some glimmer of a memory of it. Like....I remember my mom making this awesome Curious George cake that had polka dots all over it and actually had rainbow cake colors swirled inside. I remember strange things like that from my childhood birthday parties - what my mom baked, or where in the house we all set up our sleeping bags for the slumber party.  Two may be young to remember memories, but I still hope that you will someday.

Zoie, you were a little trooper during the whole party, you just had to be in my arms most of the time. We're starting to realize how "stranger" anxious you are, when your sister definitely never had issues with other people being near or holding her.  Zoie, you just haven't had that kind of exposure to other people, so you're glued to one of us all the time. You cut your second bottom tooth at the beginning of May (right when you turned 7 months actually) - and it's started to peek up above your gum line next to it's neighbor. You are definitely a miserable teether though, and I wish we knew a way to help you get some relief. You are FINALLY sleeping a bit better. We spent a horrible week teaching you to sleep on your tummy & unswaddled, but it seems to be paying off.  Last night you only woke up one time at around 3:30 for a feed.  That was the first night in your entire life that you have slept that long in one period.  It was awesome, and let me tell you how much better your mama feels when I get that much sleep. A whole 8 hours, with only one brief interruption! WOO HOOO!!!  That was wonderful. Now let's do it again tonight and every night thereafter until you're done nursing and can make it all the way through the night.....we are all ready to sleep such long hours again!

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